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Car Key Extraction Service

Our Ignition Jam Services - If you find yourself stuck and unable to drive your car because your key is stuck inside your vehicle’s ignition, our car key extraction service to help you out.

Assessing the Issue

The ignition in your car is there to protect your car from theft. It is for this reason that keys sometimes get stuck inside ignitions. Your car’s ignition is designed to lock down completely when it senses that someone is trying to steal it. There are many threats, be they real or suspected that can cause an ignition system to feel threatened to the point where it shuts down in order to protect the vehicle. If your car refuses to start and your key gets locked in place after you’ve inserted it into your car’s ignition, our professional car locksmith team can help you out. 

When our automotive locksmith technician arrives to help you out, the first thing he’ll do is asses the issue and try to figure out why your key is stuck. There are several reasons why your key may have gotten jammed, including:

  • Dirt or lint got trapped inside the lock, blocking the lock’s cylinder
  • The lock needs to be lubricated
  • Ignition failure
  • The lock cylinder is worn with usage
  • The key that was inserted is aged or bent and is therefore unrecognizable
  • The key that was inserted needs to be reprogrammed
  • Your car battery is dead
  • Your vehicle is either not in park, or there is an issue with your car’s shift lock

Once the cause of the problem is clear, an Authorized Locksmith will remove the key from the ignition and deal with the root of the issue promptly. A professional locksmith will usually focus on the following three important steps: Extracting the jammed or broken key, repairing all damages that might have originally caused the issue, and cutting you a new key when necessary. 

Jammed/Broken Ignition Key Extraction

Our car experts can be a major help to you if your key is stuck inside your car’s ignition. Our emergency service can even remove key bits from your ignition if your key is to break in half, leaving half a key stuck inside the lock. Obviously, removing a key from an ignition is not as simple as wriggling it around till is comes out, or pulling on it until it pries itself free. Specialty extraction tools and lubrication are needed in order to remove the key without damaging the vehicle in any way.

Ignition Repairs

If your vehicle’s ignition is not in proper working order, it will need to be repaired so that it functions properly and doesn’t jam your car key again. We can help you clean out your car lock cylinder if it is dirty. Additionally we can replace damaged lock parts like lock cylinders and tumblers that might be causing your jammed ignition key issue. If the issue is that your key is not recognized by your car’s ignition system, we can reprogram your car key if need be.

Cutting a New Key

Very often, keys that get stuck in a car’s ignition got stuck because they were aged or bent out of shape to begin with. Unfortunately, keys often get broken accidentally by panicked drivers who are anxious to get their key unstuck, and who attempt to remove the key without proper knowledge and tools that professional locksmiths have. If your car key is broken, we can provide with a full car key replacement, or we can remove the chip from inside your old key in put it inside a new one, using the specialty tools that we carry around with us at all times.