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Before a tornado strikes, be prepared
1 week 4 days ago

in the path of a destructive tornado or hurricaneWhen a tornado or a hurricane is about to hit your town, the first thought that

best home security systems
5 months 4 weeks ago

With so many types of home surveillance cameras available, choosing just one is a daunting task. This information will help choose the best home security camera systems, keeping your home safer than ever.

car theft in America
6 months 6 hours ago

While you might think that ostentatious sports cars and expensive luxury vehicles might be the most obvious targets for car burglaries, you’d be surprised to learn which vehicles are the most stolen cars in America.

house protection on vacation
6 months 1 day ago

Heading out on a road trip? Planning a romantic getaway with your significant other? No matter what type of vacation you’re planning, these tips can help you keep your home safe and secure while you’re away.

6 months 3 weeks ago

If you want to be able to access several apartments in your apartment or office building with one convenient key, a master key system might be the solution.​

security camera
6 months 4 weeks ago

Living in an apartment can have many benefits. Apartments cam offer a more affordable housing solution than individual homes. Living in an apartment may enable you live in a closer proximity to your office, and it often means that you have an apartment staff who

car alarms
6 months 4 weeks ago

Have you ever wondered why it can be so difficult to turn off a car alarm once it has started sounding? Does your vehicle security need an upgrade? At Authorized Locksmiths, we are experts at meeting all your vehicle security needs including 

antique locks
7 months 5 days ago

 Need assistance opening a vintage padlock? Wanting antique cabinet locks installed? Our locksmith professionals know that antique locks must be handled with speical care and attention. Let our experts help you maintian the value and heritage of your antiques.

car keys
7 months 2 weeks ago

In the last thirty years, the world has seen many technological advances that make our lives more convenient, easier and even safer. Innovations in security, from home alarm systems to vehicle tracking devices allow us to protect our assets more thoroughly and greatly

Check your door locks regularly
7 months 2 weeks ago

In order to make your home the most secure it can be, it's important not only to have high quality locks and a good home security system, but to perform regular lock maintenance on the locks you have and the doors in which they are installed. Here are 5 easy tips to